The Marshalling Yard Station (CSM)

The CSM represents the main centre for the marshalling and distribution of imported and exported goods in the Port of Genoa.

Thanks to its position, structures and the professionalism of its staff, the centre offers excellence solutions in the framework of logistic services to be provided in the heart of the port of Genoa.

The centre relies on covered venues, ranging from roofed outdoor areas to modern warehouses, as well as broad unroofed spaces, to assure qualified and personalised services with high levels of commodities specialization.

Genoa, Italy’s main port, offers a wide variety of specialized terminals and wharf commodity-related services and is set in the industrial context of Italy’s Northern Western Regions, besides being well-connected to Italy’s business networks and Central Europe.

The CSM relies on over sixty years of experience in cargo handling and storage with noticeable specializations in commodities, container stuffing and unstuffing operations, but also exceptional transports.

Within the scope of concession contracts singed with the Port Authority of Genoa, CSM S.r.l., established in the 50s and fully operative since 1984, is authorised to carry out all port operations under Article 16 of Law 84/94: partner of major international shipping companies and global logistic operators, CSM performs operations related to the handling, transport and storage of containers and commodities destined to the national and international markets.

Following a decision of the Court of Genoa, CSM serves also as temporary warehouse for seized goods.

Commodities specializations:

  • coffee
  • cocoa
  • non-ferrous metals
  • iron and steel products
  • plants
  • general goods
  • luxury and antique cars
  • boats
  • industrial machineries
  • hanging garments and boxed garments
  • support for customs controls and inspections on goods
  • customs services
  • etc.